Toskov & Son's Excavating, Inc.

For our excavating/dumpster service - Prohibited Material / Items - we can not accept:
- Hazardous/liquid waste, *paint, drums, chemicals, batteries, creosote ties, asbestos
- Tires - (additional charge applies)
- Mattresses (additional charge applies)
- Paint cans can be accepted if all paint is dried up inside of can

Helpful Information:

- Be sure to leave a clear path to the excavating/dumpster so our trucks have not problem accessing them.
- Please find a flat hard surface to place the excavating/dumpster on.  Remember that soft grounds can become difficult or inaccessible after bad weather.
- Try to spread out the weight of the materials in the excavating/dumpster.
- Please place lighter materials or items that may blow out of the excavating/dumpster in first so the heavier materials hold them down.
- DO NOT overfill excavating/dumpster - stop debris level to sides.

10 cubic yard dumpster 12x8x3  
15 cubic yard dumpster 12x8x5
20 cubic yard dumpster 14x8x6
26 cubic yard dumpster 14x8x7.9
30 cubic yard dumpster 22x8x6